UltraServe announces Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS

UltraServe announces Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services

Digital Commerce expert UltraServe, has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prepare for launching a disruptive new product next month.

Leveraging its proven expertise and experience in delivering digital commerce solutions for market-leading brands on AWS, UltraServe, next month, expects to deliver a modern, enterprise-grade platform solution designed to promote rapid business innovation aimed at improving site uptime, scalability, and performance. With its focus on simplification and automation combined with a pay-as-you-consume licensing model, the new UltraServe solution can remove many of the main barriers to entry associated with traditional digital commerce approaches.

Strategic early decisions made by UltraServe to be “all in on AWS” and “specialize on digital commerce” have enabled the company to successfully deliver digital commerce outcomes for its customers globally at any location in which AWS has a presence. UltraServe has leveraged the extensive suite of services available from AWS, along with its rapid innovation cycles, to reduce much of the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” required for infrastructure. This has empowered UltraServe to focus on delivering its core value proposition for customers.

UltraServe CEO Matthew Hyland said the timing was perfect for UltraServe to “double down” on working with AWS. “We now have all the foundations in place to fulfill our corporate vision of becoming one of the market-leading digital commerce solutions for enterprises globally. With the power and support of AWS behind us, UltraServe can do something truly transformational,” he said. “We look forward to working with AWS and other AWS Partner Network (APN) members to deliver a quick, easy, and compelling digital commerce experience globally,” continued Hyland.

The Strategic Collaboration Agreement between UltraServe and AWS covers a number of key areas of collaboration, including AWS support in development efforts for UltraServe’s marketplace product-readiness and significant go-to-market support as it reaches a global audience of enterprises and retailers with its digital commerce solution.

About UltraServe

UltraServe is a specialist organization that is 100% focused on delivering Digital Commerce outcomes for its customers globally. Leveraging more than 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing digital commerce solutions for some of the worlds most recognized brands, UltraServe built the UltraServe commerce platform to help organizations realize the full potential of their digital commerce investments by providing the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to provision, maintain and manage digital commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn more about UltraServe or for inquiries please contact sales@ultraserve.com.au or visit www.ultraserve.co

General Pants reaches new global customers and business expansion


General Pants (GP) is a leading Australian fashion retailer operating with over 50 physical stores across Australia, and online in multiple countries worldwide, covering USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and more.



GP were long-time SAP Hybris users, deployed on traditional physical infrastructure, on-premise in Data Centers hosted in Sydney. As part of a move to expand their online offering to other countries outside of Australia, GP looked to the cloud to add flexibility and resiliency to their infrastructure.

To support their expansion, GP needed to find the right partner to provide a platform for SAP Hybris to scale for anticipated surges in traffic (including sales promotions and holiday periods), add extra resiliency, and take full advantage of cloud technologies. GP was also going through a period of change and open to redesign with all elements of their infrastructure being under review.

Deployments of new code resulted in scheduled downtime to the GP site, located only in Australia. Fortunately for GP, this didn’t cause a huge impact to revenue since these deployments were done outside of Australian business hours. However, as GP looked forward to global expansion, they needed a new solution for updates that would minimize downtime at all times, decreasing disruption to customers.

Scalability is critical for any e-commerce business, and this was especially true for GP. While GP’s infrastructure allowed them scaling to handle anticipated surges in traffic (pre-planned sales, etc.), their target demographic meant that ad-hoc, instant surges in traffic (typically driven by social media) happened occasionally and by surprise. Their existing on-premise infrastructure setup meant that quickly scaling to handle the sudden surge of traffic was sometimes too slow to react, leading to issues with the website including poor user experience and inability to transact business.



GP came to Ultra Commerce and took advantage of their Platform as a Service (Ultra Commerce BYOL), professional services, and expertise with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Thanks to Ultra Commerce, GP was able to make the most of a number of AWS services. First, to address the restrictions of on-premise infrastructure hosting, Ultra Commerce used AWS Database Migration Service to migrate GP site from MSSQL to Aurora with AWS Schema Conversion Tool. This combination ensured a smooth transfer to the AWS Cloud with little to no interruption to daily business.

Ultra Commerce also used AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Relational Database Service (RDS), and AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) to make an easier setup, operate, secure, scalable, available, and a high performing environment for GP in the AWS Cloud. Continuing to increase performance of the GP digital commerce solution, Ultra Commerce implemented AWS CloudFront, creating a better user experience for customers globally.

To address GP’s need for high global availability at scale, Ultra Commerce utilizes AWS EC2 Instances to perform code deployments in such a way that reduce the duration and frequency of downtime windows when deploying new code. Ultra Commerce also allows for 24/7 code deployments, even in Production, meaning GP can perform deployments at a time that suits them.

Additionally, Ultra Commerce takes advantage of the ease of scalability that AWS offers which allows GP to quickly add additional resources during unexpected peak times. This differs from their previous hosting situation where new physical infrastructure needed to be purchased well in advance.



Once commencing their relationship with Ultra Commerce, GP noticed an improvement in site performance, availability, and scalability – at a reduced cost, thanks to the smooth migration to the AWS Cloud.

Attaining their expansion goals, GP expanded to over 8 regions of online stores globally, transacting business 24/7/365. Ultra Commerce has eliminated downtime for code deployments, allowing GP to stay online at all times to be competitive in their market.

Without fear of their site slowing down or going offline due to unexpected high user loads, GP comfortable executes large scale sales and marketing campaigns. Ultra Commerce’s ability to quickly react to GP load requirements in the AWS Cloud has kept the online stores highly available with their guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.999% uptime.

GP now delivers increased customer experiences with their new digital commerce solution to more customers globally. Ultra Commerce has proved a successful partner in supporting GP goals for global customer growth and business expansion, running millions in revenue through Ultra Commerce in the AWS Cloud.

UltraServe Awards Q3 Employee MVP

Congratulations to Bayden Allen!

This quarters UltraServe staff award goes to, Bayden Allen! There was no question for our CEO, Matt Hyland when deciding an employee to highlight this quarter. Described by his peers and superiors as tenacious, hard-working, motivated, technically sharp, and high energy, Bayden was a clear choice for this quarters employee spotlight.

With less than a year at UltraServe, Bayden has risen to be the Technical Team Lead for the Australia Service Desk from an entry-level Service Desk Engineer role. Matt Hyland says, “The best awards are when your team nominates you” and Bayden is considered the MVP by his Service Desk, Product, and Project teams.

One of his fellow Service Desk peers says, “Every time I communicate with him he has a new improvement or innovation to teach.” Bayden goes above and beyond to provide UltraServe customers with the best service while helping his fellow peers and superiors do the same.

Bayden is a model example of what a consistently positively energized, high performing, and dedicated employee looks like at UltraServe and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to recognize him and have him on our team!

To join our team of digital commerce experts, visit our careers page for open positions.

“This is what get’s me up in the morning” for CEO, Matt Hyland

CEO of Ultra Commerce, Matt Hyland, is frequently asked why he is so energised and excited about coming into work every day at Ultra Commerce. Today at our quarterly all staff briefing Matt gave his reason as to why.

Even though the day to day operations can become consuming and present really difficult challenges, Matt is pushed every day by witnessing our company vision coming true – to be the market leading digital commerce solution for enterprises globally. Matt says that is super important to remain focused on the big picture, connecting what appear to be seemingly small tasks that are actually active evidence of our company vision being fulfilled – “important to ensure that everything that we are doing is in some way moving the ball forward”.

Every day Matt sees employees oozing positive energy and excitement about what we do. Being surrounded by high-quality people who are passionate their product is really what motivates Matt and makes the long hours and extensive travel all worthwhile. “The work people do here is truly inspirational. We’re not a typical nine to five company where you fly under the radar, you can make a difference and have influence” says Matt Hyland.

Matt has a long background of managing high profile large teams of people but Matt says, “This has been my most difficult but most stimulating position yet”.

Full of passionate highly motivated and invested employees focused on being Digital Commerce solution experts providing thought leadership, Ultra Commerce benefits from radiated positive energy through the company which is stimulating new growth in our market. Starting with our CEO all the way to newly employed members of the team, this is what motivates Ultra Commerce.

UltraServe Speaks at AWS Summit in Sydney

Our CRO, Paul McClure, proudly speaking to fellow AWS Partners at the AWS Summit in Sydney about UltraServe’s journey from being a generic cloud hosting provider to all-in on AWS with a specialization in Digital Commerce.