UltraServe Commerce debuts to reduce costs and time-to-market for midsize enterprise digital commerce initiatives

Launched today, UltraServe Commerce delivers affordable and low-risk digital commerce solutions for B2B, B2C, and Marketplaces, plus the ability to easily customize, extend and innovate for future needs.

SYDNEY – June 25, 2019 – UltraServe, digital commerce experts, today launches its latest breakthrough, UltraServe Commerce, the pay-as-you-consume digital commerce platform for enterprise. Delivered via the AWS Marketplace, UltraServe Commerce eliminates many barriers to entry traditionally associated with launching digital commerce initiatives by reducing upfront costs, risk and time.

With just a few clicks, UltraServe Commerce empowers organizations to deliver outstanding customer experiences by combining native enterprise-grade digital commerce features with a highly customizable framework.

UltraServe Chief Revenue Officer Paul McClure said traditional enterprise-grade digital commerce solutions forced midsize organizations to make significant compromises when selecting a platform that met their business requirements. “UltraServe Commerce eliminates these compromises by delivering enterprise-grade digital commerce capabilities in a simple and more consumable way,” he said. “UltraServe Commerce helps organizations realize the full potential of their digital commerce investment in the shortest possible time with the least amount of upfront cost and risk.”

UltraServe Commerce delivers:

  • Enterprise-grade features and capabilities – Out of the box, UltraServe Commerce delivers enterprise-grade commerce capabilities including storefront, product catalog, merchandising, shopping cart, check-out, search, offers and promotions for both B2C and B2B use-cases. UltraServe Commerce also provides Marketplace, Order Management System (OMS), Product Information Management (PIM) and Content Management System (CMS) modules to significantly reduce the need for third-party technologies and integrations.
  • Reduced administrative overheads — Managed from an easy-to-use admin interface or REST APIs, UltraServe Commerce reduces the administrative overheads traditionally required for vendor management, product management, order management, customer service and digital experience capabilities such as advanced marketing, catalog management, content management and targeted promotions.
  • A unique commercial model — By decoupling development and testing environments from production environments, UltraServe Commerce lets organizations consume resources on-demand, enabling them to develop and innovate without the need to sign upfront term-based contracts.
  • Eliminated unplanned downtime — backed by industry-leading 99.999% availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs), out-of-the box Disaster Recovery and 24x7x365 Global Support, UltraServe ensures your site is always available to transact business.

UltraServe Commerce Technology Partners:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Delivered exclusively on AWS and based on the AWS Well Architected framework, UltraServe Commerce adheres to the operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization standards aligned with AWS best practices.
  • New Relic APM — With integrated Application Performance Management, the UltraServe Commerce platform provides real-time insights and visibility into your environments so you can identify and fix problems faster and deliver delightful experiences for your customers.
  • Broadleaf – Access the powerful Broadleaf Commerce application used by leading global brands to deliver tailored B2C & B2B experiences offered via Software as a Service (SaaS) by UltraServe.

 Playhouse Digital Agency Partner Quote:

“Using UltraServe Commerce, within a day, our build team created a fully functional B2C/B2B e-commerce store for clients and prospects.  The auto-provisioning process is streamlined, and when digging under the hood we got a genuine appreciation for the cutting-edge technology that makes it all possible” says The Playhouse Group CEO Luke Goldsworthy. “The licensing of UltraServe Commerce has flipped the old school method of making large upfront investments for rigid, locked in models, to testing a flexible SaaS product in a consumable way. UltraServe Commerce delivers cost-effective non-production environments before moving to a commercial agreement at launch, making for a very compelling Total Cost of Ownership calculation.”

New Relic Partner Quote:

“New Relic is proud to partner with UltraServe, continuing our tradition of delivering seamless and outstanding customer experiences to help them scale for their biggest day,” said New Relic Group Vice President for JPAC Greg Taylor. “The alliance gives UltraServe Commerce clients the ability to gain a long-lasting edge over their rivals by using best-in-class technologies such as New Relic’s APM solution.”

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About UltraServe

UltraServe are digital commerce experts focused on delivering high performing digital commerce outcomes for customers globally. UltraServe designs, implements and manages digital commerce solutions for some of the worlds most recognized brands.

To learn more about UltraServe or for inquiries please contact sales@ultraserve.co or visit www.ultraserve.co

Razer eliminates downtime, increases performance, and improves customer experience


Established in 2005, Razer is one of the most recognized ecosystems for gaming hardware and software across the globe. Razer is for gamers, by gamers.

Experiencing astronomical growth in a short period of time due to its award-winning hardware and software that supports 60M users, Razer knew the need for a scalable and high performing digital commerce solution.



Facing several vital user experience issues and lost revenue due to site downtime, Razer came to Ultra Commerce to take advantage of their expertise in SAP Hybris and AWS.

As one of the world’s largest online stores for gamers, Razer frequently has large promotional events, new product releases, and gaming events that require a highly scalable platform to service large user volumes. An additional complication related to the overall stability and performance of the site was frequent DDoS attacks.

These capabilities were so vital to Razer’s business that a key requirement for Ultra Commerce’s Proof of Concept (PoC) engagement for Razer was to demonstrate SmartStack’s ability to handle scale during both scheduled and unscheduled peaks.

Razer is a highly innovative organization with rapidly evolving products and technology, requiring frequent updates to their product catalog and offerings. Traditionally this resulted in a 3-4 hour outage each month while Razer executed the SAP Hybris System Update task. These down for maintenance windows created a significant challenge since each update rendered the site unable to transact business, resulting in a negative impact on revenues and customer satisfaction.

Razer needed an SAP Hybris solution that would address current challenges while supporting future growth. To begin a new, more effective solution, Razer required assistance to migrate their digital commerce infrastructure as quickly and with as little disruption to the business as possible.



In under 50 days (April 25, 2018, to June 13, 2018), Ultra Commerce migrated Razer’s digital commerce infrastructure including a database re-platform to AWS Aurora Database (which comes standard with SmartStack) leveraging the AWS Schema Conversion Tool and Database Migration Service.

Once the migration was complete, Ultra Commerce utilized their platform on AWS to provide a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% uptime. SmartStack, built to AWS Well Architected specifications, provided much needed stability, scalability and performance improvements in line with Razer’s workload dynamics.

Continuing to make the most of AWS offerings, Ultra Commerce utilized AWS Elasticache with Memcached and SmartStack to deliver session persistence. In the unlikely event of infrastructure failure, SmartStack ensures Razer’s customers won’t experience any session-related issues, such as their cart being destroyed, or being forcefully logged out.

Ultra Commerce also utilized the SAP Hybris Rolling Update process to perform zero-downtime updates during Razer’s frequent upgrades. Rolling Updates work by cloning the original SAP Hybris typesystem, redirecting the user to the original version while code updates run in parallel on the cloned version, leaving no interference to the end user (see graphic below). As demonstrated in the graphic below, an example of a System Update that requires new code could be a new payment method, such as cash card acceptance, or a new attribute to a pre-existing product, such as a mouse’s logo.


To date with Ultra Commerce, Razer has experienced minimal downtime with no breach to the 99.99% availability agreement since go-live. Deployments now take less than 30 minutes with no downtime instead of the original 3+ hours with downtime. The ability to keep the site updated with the latest and greatest products and offers while processing orders at any time of the day has increased Razer’s ability to be competitive and differentiated in the marketplace as a true global 24/7/365 business.

We can now execute site maintenance without incurring any downtime. This is a big deal!”
– Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff, Razer

Razer now enjoys a higher performing and scalable solution with greater availability for their online store with the help of Ultra Commerce powered by AWS to deliver the SAP Hybris application. This has allowed Razer to make the most of their digital commerce investment and give their customers the experience they expect from the world leader gamer brand.