Why Your Order Management System Must Account for the Evolving Expectations of the B2B Buyer

By Kyle Fitzsimmons, Marketing Content Manager for Ultra Commerce

As the saying goes, ‘There is no time like the present.’ With the start of a new year in 2021, there really is no time like the present for organizations to take a step back and assess their order management systems.

The OMS as a means to solve business challenges around complex order orchestration is a critical component to success for B2B, B2C and D2C enterprises. The customer, whether a business or consumer, is ever-growing in terms of their expectations around order fulfillment and delivery. There is a human element on the other end of a B2B transaction just as there is in a B2C transaction, and your OMS capabilities must account for that.

What does this mean exactly? We are all consumers in our daily lives and our expectations are shaped based on those experiences. B2B buyers are no exception and anticipate ease of purchase throughout the shopping and checkout process with consistent and accurate communication from the seller throughout the order fulfillment and delivery component, as well. Amazon’s same day delivery promise to consumers has only heightened buyer expectations in the world of digital commerce.

Order management systems to solve B2B challenges

Business challenges around order fulfillment and delivery. Does your OMS address these?

Meeting business challenges with a robust OMS

Although the human experience in B2B buying is similar to B2C, the order management component is significantly more complex with B2B. Even with these complexities (i.e. multiple suppliers, made to order components of the product, manufacturing processes, logistics and transportation) buyer expectations remain the same. That is a seamless experience from purchase to delivery with the product delivered in full, on time and as promised.

In the coming weeks we will get much more granular in the world of OMS. Its capabilities around automation, complex order orchestration and order fulfillment and delivery in an omni channel environment are the cornerstone of any digital commerce success story. Will yours be next?

For continued learning in the meantime, download our recent webinar, Create a B2B Order Management Game Plan: How to Fulfill Your Complex Orders.