Product Information Management 101 Challenges (and Solutions)

Join us for this illuminating Master Class from two product management ‘professors’. What will be covered may not be on a test.

Onboarding products and brands manually or with existing technology to your online store may be feasible early on. But, as your organization grows with more suppliers, pricing schemes, attributions, and other complications, it becomes cumbersome to keep your product data optimized for your internal systems and exceptional customer experiences.

As the complexity, quantity and sources of your product data grows with you, the need for an end-to-end product data solution becomes paramount.

Enter Ultra Commerce and Vesta eCommerce expertise. In this Master Class we will review how to:

  • Handle complexity (e.g. vendor product, price and inventory data, data standardization, structuring, feature-rich PIM)
  • Deliver both maximized productivity and exemplary customer experiences
  • Help you focus on what matters most … growing your business.

Achieving this does not come without its share of challenges. That’s where we come in – with the solutions.